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  • Dylan Tang

Daniel Hechter Paris 2018春夏男裝系列/ Daniel Hechter Paris Spring/Summer 2018

Daniel Hechter 在紐約時裝週推出了最新 2018 春夏男裝系列

成立於1962年的時裝品牌 Daniel Hechter Paris 致力於打造男性在每個時代的生活美學以及時尚,在這一次的2018春夏男裝裡頭,除了經典的法國男子造型,更有最新趨勢的膝上短褲作為炎炎夏日的吸睛重點

Daniel Hechter unveiled 2018 Spring/Summer collection in New York Fashion Week

Daniel Hechter consistently focus on men's fashion and lifestyle in the ear where we live on since founded in1962. This season, as usual, Daniel Hechter presented the classic style of French men. Moreover, keen shorts is the highlight of 2018 collection. You can really tell, this summer is going to be very hot, both weather and men.


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