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  • Dylan Tang

《Cities on Earth》LV的30座城市攝影集/ Cities on Earth, Louis Vuitton explored 30 great cities

法國時裝品牌Louis Vuitton 推出了全新攝影集《Cities on Earth》。這本攝影集集結了2012年以來14位攝影師作品,並在總計55趟的旅程中,將30座大城市拍攝近4000張照片,彰顯當代都會多元繁複的面貌。

這三十座城市包含了巴黎、上海、紐約、東京、羅馬等,並呈現9種影像氛圍。其中更收錄Tendance Floue團隊225張攝影作品,絕對值得細細探究。


在1991年,法國攝影團體Tendance Floue響應反全球化運動而成立。團體宗旨為同心協力、保持獨立、抗爭自由、絕不退讓。1991年草創成員數為5位,1996年增長為11位,2011年為14位,2018年為17位。團隊多年來屹立不搖,其聯合攝影作品也變得愈發重要。除個人攝影美學外,Tendance Floue全體成員都擁有相同的世界觀與非典型感受力。他們志在創造情感,而非單純拍攝照片。眾所皆知,攝影的核心價值即為紀錄世界。可是 Tendance Floue不願讓攝影落入僵化定義,前仆後繼挑戰攝影本質。儘管成員的個人攝影風格有時難免相左,團體卻能互相公開審視,豐富每個成員的觀點和感受力,啟發成員省思,而非規定正確答案。Tendance Floue成軍29年,現已成為法國攝影界重要團體,獲得各大機構力邀攝影作品。

《Cities on Earth》



Louis Vuitton has launched a new photography collection "Cities on Earth". This collection of photography has gathered the works of 14 photographers since 2012, and during a total of 55 trips, nearly 4,000 photos were taken in 30 great cities. It also highlights the diverse and complex faces of contemporary cities.

These 30 cities include Paris, Shanghai, New York, Tokyo, Rome, etc., and showcased 9 different atmospheres. It also contains 225 photographs of the Tendance Floue team, which are definitely worthy of closer investigation.


Founded in 1991, the French photography collective Tendance Floue was established

in the wake of anti‑globalisation movements with the idea of working together, keeping its independence,

and conquering a space of freedom without concessions. Over the years, the collective has grown from five photographers in 1991, to eleven in 1996, fourteen in 2011, and seventeen in 2018. The collective identity has been maintained and joint projects have become increasingly important. Above and beyond their photographic aesthetics, all Tendance Floue members share a point of view on the world and an atypical sensibility. They wish to create emotions rather than simply something to look at. Tendance Floue sets itself apart from photography’s central and obvious value of documenting the world, preferring

to constantly question it. The meeting and confrontation of individual photographic styles within the collective allow the field of examination to be opened up, while enriching each member’s viewpoint and

particular sensibility, inspiring reflection rather than imposing an answer. Twenty‑nine years after its creation, Tendance Floue is today recognized as an important player in French photography, with major institutions calling upon its collective creativity.

《Cities on Earth》

This composite portrait conveys the energy released by the in‑depth exploration of these places. It is a vision that is necessarily fragmentary, subjective and organic, one that neither judges nor offers answers, but instead crafts a meaning. The panorama thus pieced together tells a compelling story about our contemporary cities, all the while uncovering persistent singularities proudly maintained by residents, reminding us that if every city succeeds in remaining unique, it owes this most of all to its people.


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