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  • Dylan Tang

Cesare Paciotti 2017 春夏形象廣告/ Cesare Paciotti Spring/Summer '17 Campaign

義大利品牌 Cesare Paciotti 推出了最新的2017春夏形象廣告,這一次找來了男模 David Trulik 來當作這次春夏產品的主要視覺人物,而攝影師則是找來了攝影雙人組 Sean + Seng 來為這一個從1948年成立以來就不斷建立好名聲的鞋款品牌進行拍攝。

Casear Paciotti unveiled their Spring/Summer 2017 campaign. The Italian luxury shoes brand found model David Trulik to displayed their luxury goods and photographed by famous duo photographers Sean + Seng


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