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  • Dylan Tang

Carlos Campos 2018春夏男裝系列/ Carlos Campos Spring/Summer 2018

Carlos Campos 在紐約時裝周推出了最新的2018春夏男裝系列

這位紐約出身的時裝設計師,將自己拉丁美洲了血統加入自己的時裝設計裡面!這一次的2018春夏男裝是以藝術家 Luis Barragan 對顏色以及線條的塑造作為靈感!

Carlos Campos unveiled 2018 Spring/Summer Collection in New York Fashion Week

Carlos Campos a Honduras-born fashion designer, has always add his Latin material into his fashion collection. This season, Mexican artist Luis Barragan is his muse, Barragan's colour and strips are all can see the reflection from Carlos Campos' latest menswear collection.


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