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  • Dylan Tang

Calvin Klein 2017秋冬形象廣告/ Calvin Klein Autumn/Winter'17 Campaign

Calvin Klein 推出了2017秋冬形象廣告 “205W39NYC”

這支廣告包含了由創意總監 Raf Simons 所設計的最新系列 205W39NYC,並且由攝影師Willy Vanderperre 指導12位模特兒一起領銜拍攝。

除此之外,這個廣告想要表達 藝術和工藝、真實和想像間的差別,這也是設計總監 Raf Simons 和創意指導 Pieter Mlier 一起為 Calvin Klein 創造出來的全新時尚世界觀。

Calvin Klein unveiled the Autumn/Winer 2017 '205W39NYC' campaign.

The campaign featured the debut Calvin Klein 205W39NYC collection by Chief Creative Director Raf Simons and shot by Willy Vanderperre and showcased by 12 models.

Besides, this campaign is a study in art and artifice, of the real and the imagined. It also is a new fashion universe created by Chief Creative Officer Raf Simons and Creative Director Pieter Mulier.


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