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  • Dylan Tang

Build a dream with a Musician ; Danny Jones

If you’re into Britpop, then Danny Jones is a name that you cannot pass over. Danny is a talented musician, and a person who has a flair in music like none other. This prodigy of music met TAIKER Magazine in London in June and jointly created a wonderful sparkle through East and West, fashion and music.

Danny Jones influenced the younger generation through his gift of music.

Danny Jones debuted on the radio with his fellows at McFly in 2003. Since then, they’ve amounted countless achievements with their name appearing on the UK music charts numerous of times. However, there is more to Danny than we already know. Propelling himself out from his comfort zone, Danny recently embarked on a new path revealing to us a new side of him.

Mentor of Pop and Rock n’ Roll

Danny’s new character is the judge of The Voice Kids UK in June 2017. In this special talented show, Danny has come to face musically ambitious kids aged between 7 to 14-year-old and mentored them to attain their potential on their road of dreams. Put aside his dashingly cool “rock n’ roll” image and we see a side to Danny that warms all hearts.

“It’s times like these we’ll never forget

Staying out to watch the sunset

I’m glad I shared this with you

Cause you set me free

Show me how good my life could be

How could this happen to me?”

When Danny sang the lyrics from ‘No Worries’, his sincerity and confidence were so lucid and steady.

For that reason, Danny indubitably has the ability to console kids who were not chosen and eliminated. Due to the competitive nature of this show, there will only be one winner at the end. But, who cares you’ve failed once in your whole life? As long as you have the courage to stand on the stage, in that case, you are closer to your dream.

The dream must go on.

If you have ever heard a song by Danny Jones, you won’t be surprised that he is so pure and emotionally level with his songs. Even now he appears on TV shows to coach the young generation, he never let his dream pass in vain. Since music is Danny’s passion, convey his dream to the next stage of life must be his duty and his responsibility. Just like his singing at ‘I’ll Be Ok’

“When your down and lost

And you need a helping hand

When your down and lost

Along the way

Oh, just tell yourself

Ah, I'll be OK”

By means of the photoshoot with Danny Jones, TAIKER has discovered the inner sentiment of Danny Jones. For that reason, TAIKER will unveil more exclusive photos and an Interview with Danny Jones in the following issue ‘Dream of Life’.

This TAIKER online exclusive was produced by

Photography / Sourwhat Yun

Make Up / Crystal Liu

Eyewear/ Daniel Wong


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