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  • Dylan Tang

Breaking Barriers: Daniel Kearns, a fearless man in his ideal world

(Read in Mandarin)

For fashion, each designer has their own unique vision of the future. Each creator is walking on their own path to curate their individual fantasies. Daniel Kearns, the creative director of Kent & Curwen is an insurgent within the fashion industry. A person who is consistently breaking the barriers of the modern world. His approach to his latest collection uses the method of deconstructing the chronological time order of the past up to the present. Therefore resulting in reshaping the brand's future figure. Kent & Curwen's 2018 Autumn/Winter Men's collection is titled "The Boxer, The Artist and the Musician" which goes back into the depths of the 1920s showing the different levels of the societies within Britain highlighting further the certain themes of the "The Boxer, The Artist and the Musician". Bringing specific past elements into the future, Daniel Kearns has asked the award winning photographer Perry Ogden to collaborate together. They dismissed the actual models that were to be presented in Kent & Curwen’s latest collection and instead used the still photography to capture the figure of the British heritage brands coming future. Pulling a bold move of having a gallery of their collection instead of real life models show their innovativeness and bravery within this industry. If you look closely at each of Kent & Curwen's newest photography, you'll find that Daniel Kearns is courageous and a fearless Irish fashion designer by placing his subjects within the environments. This results in integrating with the theme emphasizing further the origination of specific elements. We came to a halt and had a moment to speak with him and Perry Ogden quickly as to the reasons why he has done this collection in this way and how he has achieved it.

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