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  • Dylan Tang

Blood Brother 2018春夏形象照/ Blood Brother Spring/Summer'18 Lookbook

英國潮流品牌 Blood Brother 甫從在時裝市場上出道以來,便一直成為大家在時裝市場裡注目的焦點;延續2017年的聲勢,Blood Brother 的2018 春夏男裝系列 LOGIN 推出的以整體造型拍攝的最新形象照。

Blood Brother 'LOGIN' 採用了一貫的設計手法『數位印刷』並且透過尼龍布料呈現出復古的視覺效果;而來自街頭的 Blood Brother 從來不忘記自己從哪裡出發,設計師 James Waller 跟 Nick Biela 更透過自己一貫堅持的美學,將大家認為不可高攀的時尚與街頭潮流結合,成就了最新種類的時裝品種。

跟隨Blood Brother 的2018 春夏形象照,一起登入(LOGIN)來自英國的春暖花開氣息。

Blood Brother holds their spotlight from 2017 and invites you LOGIN to 2018 fashion through their spring/summer 2018 lookbook.

'LOGIN' was trending on social media while it first showed during London Fashion Week Men's. In this collection, the designer duo, James Waller and Nick Biela used digital printing showcased their aesthetic, furthermore, they also used nylon to visualised the classic appearance on their 2018 collection.

Waller and Biela have redefined fashion and streetwear, they are not just mixture whatever they like, they combined things what those have to be. Therefore, you can easily figure Blood Brother isn't like rest of ready-to-wear brand, they are an unique catalogue in fashion industry.

LOGIN with Blood Brother, come together make you look fabulous in the coming Spring Summer.


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