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  • Dylan Tang

《Doom Days》巴士底樂團重感受的全新專輯/ Bastille announced their new album ‘Doom Days’


巴士底樂團終於宣佈了關於他們全新專輯 “Doom Days” 和 全新單曲 “Joy” 的相關訊息;如果你現在依然在意的流行音樂的話,那麼這個消息一定會讓你非常的興奮!

目前我們所知道關於這張專輯的消息其實並不多,只知道總共包含了十首新歌,並且曲順將會從 ‘Quarter Past Midnight’ 到 ‘Joy’。

不過透過巴士底樂團和 NME 的雜誌裡頭可以得知,這一張專輯將會是一張讓你有從狂歡夜到隔天清晨時那種悲喜交雜感受的一張全新作品。

對於新單曲 ‘Joy’ 而言,鍵盤手 Kyle Simmons 這樣說:「這首歌其實受到我們後交響樂巡迴演唱會的影響,福音歌手的唱法充斥的整首歌,這對我們而言是非常瘋狂地嘗試,卻也是這一張專輯最重要的元素;這首歌其實也是跟快樂的情緒有連結的一首歌,也是這一張專輯中第一首有些為正面能量的歌曲。」

伴隨著新專輯的發行,巴士底樂團也將在今年底在英國巡迴;巡迴的場次已經公佈,如果你也想要體驗這一次 Bastille 帶出的全新世界觀,那麼這一次的巡迴演出就不能錯過。

Bastille finally announced their new album ‘Doom Days’ and released their new single ‘Joy’ this month.

This news certainly is very exciting for everyone who still cares about music.

What we know so far is ‘Doom Days’ start from ‘Quarter Past Midnight’ and end at ‘Joy’. With 10 records in this album, this album is going to be Bastille’s experimenting album with gospel choirs.

In the interview between Bastille and NME magazine, singer Dan said this album is the feeling of waking up after a heavy night.

For the new single ‘Joy’ “It’s the song that’s most obviously influenced by our re-orchestrated tour. The gospel singers are over the entire track. It’s crazy and to have it as the second most important on the track, that’s something we wouldn’t have done before,” explained keyboardist Kyle Simmons.“It’s also a relatively happy song, the first in all the albums which are vaguely positive!”

Alongside with this album, Bastille is going to tour in the UK at the end of this year


29, Warwick Arts Centre, Coventry

30, The Sands Centre, Carlisle


1, Music Hall, Aberdeen

3, St George’s Hall, Bradford

4, Auditorium, Grimsby

5, Venue Cymru Theatre, Llandudno

7, The Foundry, Torquay

8, Pyramids Centre, Portsmouth

9, Winter Gardens, Margate


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