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  • Dylan Tang

Barbour International 2019 春夏形象廣告/ Barbour International SS19 Campaign

Barbour International 的 2019 春夏形象廣告將自身的 Logo 做了文章;你知道 Barbour 和 Barbour International 是兩個不一樣的牌子嗎?雖然出身於同一本家,但是放出的支線系列可以說是大大的不同。

Barbour International 2019 的 廣告除了強調自己的黑與黃Logo 不僅僅代表著品牌更代表著冒險、自信和奔放的靈魂;對於 Barbour International 本身而言,除了在 Duncan Barbour 將由布外套再次設計以外,更承襲了 Steve McQueen 的經典風格,在這一次的春夏2019形象廣告中,Barbour International 的風格不但更將明確,也將自身的Logo 轉變為一種象徵,賦予了全新的意義。

It's the badge of an original.

Barbour International Spring/Summer 2019 Campaign put the different soul into their Logo. In fact, do you know Barbour and Barbour International is two different brands? Even they came from the same root, their creations are completely different.

Barbour International's Logo has the iconic black and yellow. However, in this campaign, they don't think their Logo just a Logo, in addition, It's a sign of adventure, free-spirit and confidence. For this classic brand, from Duncan Barbour's pioneering wax biker suit design to Steve McQueen's effortless and iconic style. Barbour International is not the brand you were thinking of. They have the brand new meaning, in fact, it's a new era to them.

It’s the badge of an original.


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