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  • Dylan Tang

Band of Outsiders 春夏2020時裝秀/ Band of Outsiders SS20 Fashion Show

Band of Outsiders 的春夏2020男裝系列,充斥著夏天大家最需要的「泳池派對」氛圍!除此之外,這一個以英國為基地的洛杉磯品牌,在全新的一季,不僅要給大家橫跨大西洋的時尚活力,更加入了紐約布魯克林的藝術生命。

春夏2020的這個系列,Band of Outsiders 使用了亞麻織物以及珊瑚棉,當作主要材料,並且為了與春夏的生氣蓬勃的氣氛相稱,顏色上則使用了水洗過的黃色以及藍色做為這一季的主要顏色。除此之外,這一季也與布魯克林藝術家 Amit Greenberg 一起合作,Band of Outsiders 春夏2020男裝系列,單品上的圖案就是出自這位藝術家之手。

結合流行文化的美感,以及充斥活力的創意,這一季的 Band of Outsiders 要透過時尚、藝術,以及春夏間年輕人最有活力的派對氛圍,將自己在國際上更加發光發熱;這個成立於洛杉磯,現在座落於倫敦的跨國品牌,要讓緊接而來的春夏季節,讓所有男性可以永不停歇的享受生活,派對無極限!

Band of Outsiders' Spring/Summer 2020 Menswear collection is full of the "Party Mood" atmosphere that everyone needs most in summer! In addition, this UK-based Los Angeles brand, in a new season, not only to give everyone the transatlantic fashion vitality but also joined the artistic energy of Brooklyn, New York.

In this collection, Band of Outsiders uses linen and cotton in coral as the main material, and in order to match the animated atmosphere of spring/summer, the colour uses washed yellow and Blue is the main colour of the season. Furthermore, this season Band of Outsiders also worked with Brooklyn artist Amit Greenberg, the print on every pieces is from the artist's hand.

Combining the aesthetic of pop culture with vibrant creativity, this season's Band of Outsiders will be more internationally stimulating through fashion, art, and the most energetic party atmosphere for young people. This was founded in Los Angeles. Now, the multinational brand located in London and let the spring-summer party mood follow, let all men can enjoy life without stopping the party!


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