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Dsquared2 2018秋冬內衣形象廣告/ Dsquared2 AW18' underwear Campaign

Dsquared2 最新一季秋冬內衣形象廣告終於出爐;這一個由加拿大設計師 Dean Caten 和 Dan Caten 所成立的國際品牌一直不將自己設限在一個國家之內;創立品牌之初,他們便告訴自己這個 Dsquared2 要有:「出身加拿大、倫敦成長,米蘭立足。」的精神。

這個從1995年成立至今的品牌在2018年的秋冬廣告又創造出了什麼不一樣的火花呢?就看這一部由 Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott導演 和 Giovanni Bianco 擔任藝術指導的秋冬形象影片。

Finally we have got the autumn/winter 2018 underwear campaign from Dsquared2. This International brand launched by Dean Caten and Dan Caten in 1995 in Canada. However, they never limited themselves, they even told to everyone this brand is "Born in Canada, living in London, made in Italy".

Take a look at the Underwear AutumnWinter 2018 campaign of Dsquared2, featuring Bram Valbracht and Joe Bruzas shot by Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott and art-directed by Giovanni Bianco.

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