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夢想實現,The Sherlocks 將發行首張專輯 Live For The Moment/ Finally, The Sherlocks' debut album available so

英國樂團 The Sherlocks 將在今年八月發行首張專輯 「Live For The Moment」,這張專輯將收入他們從2014發行的首張單曲 'Live For The Moment' 到今年發行第七張單曲 ‘Chasing Shadow' 全部收入,此外這張等待已久的專輯更有五首新歌,展現了十足的誠意。

這個四人編制的獨立搖滾樂團來自英國的謝菲爾德(Sheffield),他們早從一開始在成員Brandon 父親的車庫開始演出,到現在已經累積了超過一千兩百場演唱會;而這些雄厚的實戰經驗,也讓他們累積了許多追隨他們的歌迷。

The Sherlocks 的四人編制由兩對兄弟組成,Crook 以及 Davidson。Kiaran Crook (主唱、節奏吉他)、Josh Davidson (節奏吉他)、Andy Davidson (貝斯)和 Brandon Crook (鼓手)。





我們永遠都感謝歌迷當我們的後盾並且支持著我們,畢竟我們只是四個從英國中部來的傢伙,因為你們,我們的生命變得非常特別。The Sherlocks 七年前只是我(Brandon) 爸爸的車庫裡表演幾首歌而已,到現在卻已經表演超過了一千兩百場,我們非常驕傲可以達成這樣的成就,因為我們更等不及要與你們分享這一張即將發行的首張專輯 『Live For The Moment』。」

Live For The Moment 將在八月十八日發行,

現在已經可以在iTunes 以及官網上預購。


Where to Buy & More Information


The Sherlocks' debut album 'Live For The Moment' will be released this year in August. This record will include their seven singles which are already on Spotify and can be purchased on iTunes. From the first single 'Live For The Moment' to the seventh single 'Chasing Shadow', the upcoming album will have five more songs within.

This four pieces band from Sheffield, England. In the beginning, they just played in the garage which belongs to one of member's father. However, it's not a big deal if you started their career in a garage. These four young men are literally dream-chasers and lives- influencers. They have played over 1200 gigs and have countless fans are waiting for their debut album.

The Sherlocks consists by two set of brothers, Crook and Davidson. Kiaran Crook (Lead Vocals/Rhythm Guitar), Josh Davidson (Lead Guitar), Andy Davidson (Bass), Brandon Crook (Drums).

For their debut alum, They have something to say to their fans and Rock Music lovers.

''As a band, we feel that we need to share a few words with you all.

We have literally put 7 years of our lives into this band, what started as a hobby has incredibly turned into a career. But this is all down to you for investing your time into our band. The amount of people calling for this album is truly overwhelming and we know this is the right time to share it with you.

We’ve genuinely worked so hard for this and put everything into this album, down to the very last detail. Everything about this album feels incredibly special.

4 lads from the middle of nowhere. This is what makes our story so special, that you the people have decided to back a real band and we will be forever grateful to you for that. Our lives have completely changed over the last few years, we started this band around 7 years ago as friends jamming a few songs out together in my dad’s garage. Over 1200 gigs later, we’re now here announcing something we will be eternally proud of. We can’t wait for you to hear it in its entirety. This one’s for you.''

'Live For The Moment' will be available in 18th August 2017.

You can Pre-order from iTunes and their Website now.

Photography from The Sherlocks' Facebook

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