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  • Eksuda Vessakosol

【街拍】倫敦時裝週 / 【Street-Style】London Fashion Week AW17

倫敦的街頭時尚一直都是每個時尚愛好者的參考對象,尤其在時裝週更是大家使出渾身解數的時候,時尚記者 Eksuda Vessakosol 這次將倫敦時裝週的特色完整記錄下來。

If you are a fashionista, you will never forget mark the fashion city; London, on your map. Especially, people are dressing harder during the London Fashion Week.

Fashion journalist has highlighted what she through and what she felt in London this time.


Alexa Chung is truly the queen of effortlessly chic.

時尚模特兒 Alexa Chung 的穿衣風格無人能比,


He proved that scarfs are not always meant to be around your neck.


The master of street style photography was spotted.

時尚街拍大師 Scott Schuman 在倫敦街頭!這次他會有什麼新作品呢?

She was light and lovely with her vintage outfit and a touch of Prada.


This was when you wore a coat you designed yourself.


Black is always a new black.


Photographer: Eksuda Vessakosol

Words: Eksuda Vessakosol & Dylan Tang

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