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  • Dylan Tang

ROMBAUT 秋冬形象照; 拳擊/ ROMBAUT Boxing Fashion Look

ROMBAUT 釋出2017年秋冬形象攝影,這次將拳擊作為主要形象的 ROMBAUT,將世界冠軍 Tom Duquesnoy 邀請來作為攝影主角。

ROMBAUT turns to the world of pugilism for the Autumn/Winter 2017 season. Presented with a boxing event at the Boxing Club Maccabi, the world champion, Tom Duquesnoy, wearing the vegan shoes and fighting.


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Photography: Timothy Schaumburg

Styling: Dogukan Nesanir

Make-up: Karin Westerlund

Production: Lennart Schlageter & Valter Jimi Torsleff

Production Assistant: Aranka Hurkens

Models: Tom Duquesnoy (world champion Mixed Martial Arts in his weight category), Staiv Gentis (personal boxing instructor who trained Michelle Lamy, Marc Jacobs,..) and his girlfriend Ines Rau (transgender model and activist, walked for HBA)

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