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  • Dylan Tang

烏克蘭,基輔時裝週 AGNĖ KUZMICKAITĖ 2017 春夏女裝系列/ Kiev Fashion Days, AGNĖ KUZMICKAITĖ Spring/Summer 2017 coll

立陶宛設計師品牌 AGNĖ KUZMICKAITĖ 一如往常地在時裝週上展現強烈自己的設計理念。

設計師的日常生活以及細節都會被濃縮在半小時內呈現出來,包含社會議題以及藝術美感;每一季Agné 的設計都已 『公主的日常』作為核心,因為設計師本人能完整呈現出女人在社會的服裝穿搭以及不同工作領域的女性服裝。

AGNĖ KUZMICKAITĖ is the most famous Lithuanian fashion designer, exceptional for her functional conceptuality.

The designer’s inspiration comes from various themes of everyday life – different common objects and popular cultural signs are artistically integrated into the garment design. Each season she presents a new collection for “daily life princess” – woman, who plays a lot of different roles in the society and searching for the best way to combine all the duties with her own wishes.

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