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臺灣香奈兒:夏姿陳 Shiatzy Chen Chanel of Taiwan : Shiatzy Chen






A luxury brand which was found in 1978 in Taipei by Wang Chen Tsai-Hsia, the Creative Director and Brand Innovator of Shiatzy Chen establishes a modern style influenced by ancient Chinese aesthetic. Its design style are crafted in Western cuts with Eastern traditional elegance into contemporary pieces. Shiatzy Chen initiated their office in Paris in 2001 and it became the very first

Taiwanese luxury brand advanced in Europe market, as well as the only one Chinese member of the French Fashion Federation.

Although Wang Chen Tsai-Hsia never had a proper designing education, her inconsistent learning and her passion in fashion led her to work out her way. She convinces that oriental design can be brilliant in the international scene.

Shiatzy Chen picks one of the Chinese elements as an inspiration for the new collection such as traditional calligraphy and classical ink and many more, in light fabrics such as silk, flowing chiffon, lace, organza or vibrant satin. It is finished with exquisite oriental embroidery or appliques and beading. Shiatzy also uses imperial jade with emerald green as one of the signature design on their handbag.

Shiatzy Chen, who is often referred to as the Chanel of Taiwan, its catwalks have stunned the luxury world by the wave of increasing perfection and spectacular. Undoubtedly, her perseverance contributed to what Shiatzy Chen is today.

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(圖片來源:夏姿2016 春夏形象廣告SS AD Image)

(Photo Source : Shiatzy 2016 SS AD Image)

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