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  • Boba Tseng

【影片】臺客雜誌 ISSUE14 封面人物- 楊乃文/ 【Video】TAIKER Magazine ISSUE14 Cover Star- Nai-Wen YANG


However, YANG Nai-Wen's private and emotional side seems to have never existed in the era when she used social accounts such as Facebook and Instagram to prove herself. Even though the company created a dedicated work account for her, she publishes on it infrequently. YANG Nai-Wen once mentioned in an interview that if she hadn't been doing this job, as a public figure, she had no intention of showing her private side in front of everyone. YANG Nai-Wen finds it inconceivable that everything should be presented on the social platform, even though she looks so avant-garde compared to others, but in this way, she still prefers the old-fashioned approach, she said "If you really miss the other person, why don't you call and make an appointment to chat?" It’s true that it’s a better way to feel the other person's emotions face to face.



PHOTOGRAPHY/ @lu.ziheng

STYLIST/ @lets_talk_about_the_truth


MUA/ @carlin_chen

HAIR/ @zoom_jacobs @@zoomhairstyling


FILM DIRECTOR/ @lu.ziheng

VIDEOGRAPHER/ @yippeekiyaychen

EDITOR-IN-CHIEF/ @dylan_sy_tang

GAFFER/ @shyangru


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