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  • Dylan Tang

【影片】臺客雜誌 ISSUE13 封面人物- 盧廣仲/ 【Video】TAIKER Magazine ISSUE13 Cover Star- Crowd LU


Crowd LU said “The rebirth of a singer is every time he goes on stage to perform a song. I think the rebirth of an actor is because of every scene, not necessarily just one shot. There are many reasons for the rebirth, such as camera position, lighting, art, director adjustments, or lack of positioning... etc. I cherish the opportunity to do it again, because it means that I can banish the regrets I may have had in the last performance.”


PHOTOGRAPHY/ @lu.ziheng

STYLIST/ @l85149

MUA/ @jam80160857 @prettycool_makeup

HAIR/ @hc_kila

GRAPHIC DESIGN/ @zenyunzon

FILM DIRECTOR/ @lu.ziheng


EDITOR-IN-CHIEF/ @dylan_sy_tang

SPECIAL TAHNKS/ @shiningmaker



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