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  • Dylan Tang

2019六國賽第二輪:英格蘭主場強壓法國隊/ Six Nations Round 2, England’s suppress


英格蘭隊在自己的主場上發揮了絕對的優勢,不僅從上半場開始把法國隊壓制之外,更在比賽一開始 Jonny May 就使出了帽子戲法,讓英格蘭旗開得勝。

儘管法國隊的Damian Penaud 達陣得分,但是法國隊的分數就此打住,再也沒有突破。


英格蘭 44 : 8 法國,並且也在這個比數下落幕。

比賽最佳球員Jonny May 在賽後訪問時說道:「 想要超過上週的表現是一件很難的事情,但是我們今天做到了,我們打了一場很好的比賽。這是一場關於榮耀的比賽,我們今天想要每個人都冷靜地打這一場比賽,就算我今天得分了,其他人也一樣共享榮耀。我們從去年得到教訓之後就每天積極的訓練,為的就是重返戰場。我永遠不會忘記這特別的一天,我真的感到非常的幸運和感激。」

The second round of the Six Nations finally entered the final game. England against French. No matter what kind of sports you like, or you don’t even like sports, as long as the English and French are involved, it will be called the big battle, and everyone will look forward to which team will win in the end.

The England team played an absolute advantage in their home game, not only from the first half to suppress the French team, but also at the beginning of the game Jonny May made a hat trick, so that England’s confidence getting higher then ever.

Despite Damian Penaud made the score for the French, Les Blues still was stopped at there and couldn’t breakthrough the dilemma .

In the second half, the French team seemed to want to fight back, but the England team's strong defence and onslaught, let the gap of score went so huge and it turned out that England 44: 8 France at the end.

Jonny May, the man of the match, said after the game ‘That was the challenge, trying to raise the bar after last week but we came out and played some great rugby today.It’s the brand of rugby we’re trying to play, we want to put teams under pressure. I’m scoring tries but they’r equally as important to other people’s role.We’ve just learned a lot over the last 12 months and worked incredibly hard and persistent pays off.It’s special, I’ll remember this day so Im very grateful and feel very lucky.’


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