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  • Dylan Tang

Co-ed, Maison Margiela 春夏21形象廣告/ Maison Margiela SS21 Co-ed Campaign


法國時裝品牌 Maison Margiela推出了春夏2021形象廣告,並由模特兒Pricela Januarlo 在形象廣告中擔綱演出。在這個廣告裡頭,設計師 John Galliano 為這個具有巴黎代表性的品牌打造了名為 Co-Ed 系列,但不管在平面還是動態的廣告裡,只出現了三件主要時裝。

這個形象廣告由Arcin Sagdic 掌鏡,並透過與動態廣告中產生的連結,將雜訊幻化為模特兒內心世界的宇宙 Anonymity of the lining,不管從腦海中、身體中,還是外在的其他元素。似乎透過平面影像的傳遞,將人們對於自己內心的渴望重新燃起,並將設計狂人 John Galliano 和 Maison Margiela 做出全新的結合,讓這個春夏可以擺脫陽光,仔細沈浸在自己的內心世界裡頭。


There has Sun; then it must have a shadow.

If you created a black, then white must be at the opposite.

Is glitch a part of a model, or fashion own a glitch?

Maison Margiela unveiled its Spring/Summer 2021 Campaign. In this campaign, Pricela Januaro had modelled for this French fashion house and made the MM’s fashion universe symbolic. John Galliano is the designer of Maison Margiela for years. This campaign is an extension of the SS21 collection, Co-ed. However, neither the still photography nor moving pictures have three key pieces to present.

Arcin Sagdic is the photographer for this Co-ed campaign created a world named Anonymity of the lining. The connection between the still and moving pictures. Sagdic made the glitch in video turn to the sparkling universe in photography. Either in our mind, our body or something else. This campaign clearly interprets that we must light the fire, not for warmth but hope.


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