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  • Dylan Tang

KYLE'LYK 春夏2020形象廣告/ KYLE'LYK SS20 Campaign

KYLE’LYK 的春夏2020形象廣告找來了模特兒Blake Parker擔任這個遲來季度的新系列形象門面。在這個廣告裡頭,Parker 不僅將男孩子夏天在海邊時,羞澀卻又時而充滿自信的情緒表達完整,讓人對於即將到來的夏天充滿著嬌羞般的期待。透過攝影師Daniel Seung Lee的精湛技術,將這個紐約新穎的高級男裝品牌,轉換至另一個層級的美艷。

KYLE’LYK 成立於紐約,主要致力於高端的男性時裝,每一件從KYLE’LYK設計出來的商品,都代表著紐約每一位靈魂的獨一無二,以及每一個人日常生活的簡單細節;透過小細節的設計,KYLE’LYK的每一件服裝,都將帶給平凡的每一個人,不一樣的人生體驗。

KYLE’LYK, the New York fashion brand, unveiled its Spring/Summer 2020 campaign with the model, Blake Parker, and photographer Daniel Seung Lee. This vivid New Yorker brand through this campaign escalated their aesthetics.

Scenario by the sea, Parker broke the 2-dimensional limit. His emotion and his heartfelt facial expression is the key to this campaign. The shyness, the mature-to-be boy-like enhanced this collection. Perhaps, that's what we really need at this moment. Need to feel free and need to embrace by the sea.

KYLE’LYK is a high-end casual menswear brand based in New York. It is produced in a unique design inspired by ordinary things or things that are easy to pass by in everyday life. You can see the uniqueness and the brand value with small detail design.


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