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  • Dylan Tang

Jake Bugg's perfect fourth《Hearts That Strain》

From <On my One> in 2016, Jake Bugg is no longer the same boy that we knew. 《Hearts That Strain》 showcases a more mature and focused side to Bugg that we have never seen before.

Nottingham born singer, Jake Bugg, has stood under his own spotlight since he debuted in 2011. His unique voice and heartfelt songs undoubtedly place him at the top amongst the most successful songwriters in England.

At the age of 23, Bugg is about to release his fourth studio album 《Hearts That Strain》 later this year. It would come at no surprise that his previous tours had played a part in shaping his new album into something that better represents him now. The first song in the album ‘How Soon The Dawn’ caught a lot of attention just a er its release and still continues to do so. Much to the public’s interest, the song conveyed a more matured Bugg, from his choice of chords and lyrics to his diligent image, it is safe to say that Bugg has reached new heights and at the same time, gained a sense of composure along the way.

Bugg explains in an interview that he’s “much happier with (my) latest album than the last one.” It was in his interests to record a new song whenever he had the opportunity. “As long as I can keep writing songs and playing music and travelling the world, that’s all I ever ask for.” We can presume that he just wants to make music and keep doing the things that he enjoys.

《Hearts That Strain》is a milestone for Jake Bugg and his fans from all over the world. Adopting a more mature and preserved image, we can see that not only has Bugg grown as a musician, but also as a person as well.

《HeartsThatStrain》was recorded in Nashville, the heart of country music, and includes 11 songs in total along with a few collaborations. A familiar sense of passion coupled with a brand- new journey is something that we can all expect from this album.


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