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  • Dylan Tang

布魯克林貝克漢根本不需要在乎你的眼光/ Brooklyn Beckham doesn't care about what you think



趕在千禧年前出生的大衛貝克漢和維多利亞貝克漢長子,今年才剛滿21歲,但是他的人生卻已經飛快地邁向第二階段。對於部分的台灣人而言或許不是件奇怪的事。但是隨著社會的進步、觀念的改變,在這個年紀的年輕人大多數都還在大學尋求新知和經歷海枯石爛的愛情。但這位模特兒、攝影師、名人之子卻已經要和美國女演員 Nicola Peltz 共組家庭。




或許就是現代年輕人常說的「試過才知道」,布魯克林的確試過了父親應該給他的天賦,但他卻選擇往藝術創作發展。他曾今在美國的帕森斯就讀攝影,隨後發表了《What I see》;這本攝影集在發表的那一年(2017)造成了許多的迴響,當然也褒貶不一。








What are we doing at twenty? Still, looking forward to how big this world is? looking forward to the future with great ambitions? These seemingly trivial little things are no longer a troublesome thing to Brooklyn Beckham.

Life in high profile

The eldest son of David Beckham and Victoria Beckham, who was born before the millennium, just turned 21 this year, but his life has quickly moved to the second stage. It may not be strange for some Taiwanese. However, most young people at this age are still seeking new knowledge and experiencing love in university. But this model, photographer and celebrity's son is already going to have a family with American actress Nicola Peltz.

Brooklyn's expectation from his father

With the overwhelming news of the marriage on the internet, let us take a closer look at the famous Beckham who is travelling in the entertainment and the fashion industry. He used to play for the Premier League team-Arsenal (although it was only in the Academy), but he was highly anticipated at the time. After all, his father who was once called the golden right foot was famous all over the world.

Stepping stone towards his mother's success

Perhaps it's what modern young people often say, "I will know it after I try it." Brooklyn did try the talent his father might have given him, but he chose to develop in the artistic world. He studied photography at Parsons in the United States and then published "What I see" in 2017. This collection of photography caused many repercussions, of course.

Many people think that his photography skills are not enough to publish a book. The reason why he can publish books is that he is the son of Beckham. However, some people think that "creating this matter is inherently subjective and should not be too critical". But is this really the case?

The natural sin of the celebrity's son

That being said, whether you like his work or not; it is an inevitable fact that he has received the attention of the world. After all, he was born with no shortage of food and clothing (we don’t care how the Beckham family educates children), but bearing his name, of course, one must receive public comment all over the world. Whether he was born to wanting to go this way, the fact it's what it is. Whether you like it or not, you have to accept it.

A new chapter of life to be seen

Brooklyn Beckham is only 21 years old this year, which is not so important for his talent and athletic ability. After all, as mentioned before, the creation of this matter is very subjective in and of itself, and we, as people who have never met him, are actually not qualified to say more. I really want to comment on him. Do I have have a place to do so?

In any case, the eldest son of the world-famous Beckham family is about to enter the second stage of his life. We should be happy about this. After all, in this annoying 2020, this transition happened. We should all offer our blessings to him and think about our own future life.


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