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  • Dylan Tang

Dior Men 春夏2020度假系列形象照/ Dior Men Resort SS20 Lookbook

Dior 的男性度假系列一直以來都是大家期盼的時裝設計;而創意總監 Kim Jones 一手主導的時裝,則是目前為止從沒讓人失望過,在這緊接著到來的春夏2020男性度假系列,他的神來一筆更是使人充滿著鳥語花香,又不失端莊的體驗。

Kim Jones 承襲了 Christian Dior 對於大自然的愛以及熱情,轉向加注在這個法國高級時裝品牌上;若是時尚愛好者,尤其對於法式時尚情有獨鍾的人,從這個系列便不難發現,Dior 先生在1946年之前,就經營過藝廊,對於藝術更是愛護有加,而這也是 Dior 發表高級訂製的品牌前、在時尚圈發光發熱前的有趣歷史。

因此,在Dior Men 的2020春夏度假系列裡頭,除了隨處可見的黑色系產品外,更帶有大量碎花的設計;當然,身為春夏系列的產品,也不能少了亮眼的顏色,我們時常仰望天空看見的天藍色,變成為這一個系列的大亮點。

Dior Men 的春夏2020系列,不僅在設計上讓人津為樂道之外,更找來了攝影師Hugo Scott打理形象照,除此之外,這個系列的小秘密則是英國藝術家 Alex Foxton 在 Dior 辦公室打造的花式蠟筆創作,也成這個系列的小繆思,讓每個男性在春天的溫暖氣候下,也能享受春天充滿色彩的高級時裝。

Dior Men Resort Spring/Summer 2020 is one of exciting collection people are waiting for. Kim Jones, the creative director of Dior, his design for Dior yet let us disappoint. For the following season, this French haute couture brand will make every man feel fleurs but still classic.

If you know something about fashion, then Christian Dior adored natural and art shouldn't be a mystery for you. In fact, before Monsieur Dior launched his Haute Couture brand, he was running a gallery in 1946. From that, you really can tell, this fashion icon isn't just loved fashion but care about art and aesthetics as well.

Therefore, Dior Men Spring/Summer 2020 is a collection that you can observe loads of artistic but still follow their main theme, full of black fabric. In addition, sky blue, the colour we use to find out up in the sky, it's kind of the colour we love from the natural but really don't care about. However, Mr Jones put this certain blue in this 2020 Men Resort collection. It seems like he orders this colour in purpose, try to make every male creature could have happiness even they are struggling in Men's apparel.

Besides, this collection doesn't just make people happy for the upcoming spring. It also has a tiny secret which is from the British artist Alex Foxton. Mr Foxton has worked at Dior's studio for the decoration. Hence, the pastel creation became the print of camp shirts, jeans and trenches in this collection.


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