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  • Dylan Tang

Julian Zigerli 2017秋冬形象照/ Julian Zigerli Autumn/Winter '17 Lookbook

Julian Zigerli 的2017形象照將你心中的罪惡感以時裝的方式呈現

使用MOIRÉ 樣式的圖文,加上方格紋的組合,在視覺上也強調出因為心中的罪悪感而感到的自我淪陷。

Julien Zigerli's Autumn/Winter 2017 Lookbook has presented the guilty from your heart.

The main visualisation of the collection is about the MOIRÉ pattern and tartan. Due to the strongest visual effect from these two pattern, Julian Zigerli's Autumn/Winter 2017 collection is pretty optical and fashionable.


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