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  • Dylan Tang

紅色革命,2017紅髮月曆 / Revolution, The Hot Red Calendar 2017.

“Be comfortable in your own skin”

by Thomas Knights

Red Hot 100 / Red Hot Exhibition 成立於2013年,最近推出了最新的2017年曆;在這本年曆裡,包含了十二位不同的紅髮模特兒,除了他們性感的影像外,這本年曆將再度喚醒大家對於特定紅髮族群的關注。

發行人暨攝影師 Thomas Knights 將透過這本年曆讓大家對於紅髮的刻板印象消失並且讓紅髮族群的形象從新定義。

Knights 全部的照片都與他最初的理念『尊重與對自己的膚色感到自在』相符。他想要展現出紅髮族群的性感、自信以及強勁。他重新塑造紅髮形象的策略非常的成功而且在國際上也都引起了媒體們的強烈關注,透過Thomas 的照片,這些曾經被霸凌的族群重回鎂光燈下而且驚艷整個世界!



所有透過這場盛事獲得的金錢都會贊助 The Diana Award 這個反霸凌組織。

Website: Red Hot 100

Twitter: Red Hot 100


  • January: Lukas Bo

  • February: Scott Henry

  • March: Tom Peers

  • April: Mike Del Moro

  • May: Robin Van Der Krogt

  • June: Daniel Newman

  • July: Joseph Merry

  • August: Philippe Horowicz

  • September: Jonathan Wrynne

  • October: Seth Fornea

  • November: Corbin Furstenburg

  • December: Tommy Brady

Red Hot 100 / Red Hot Exhibition founded in 2013. They recently publish their second calendar which still includes twelve hot guys. (or we can say super hot reds)

The Red Hot campaign has launched since 2013 by Thomas Knights who is London-based photographer and filmmaker, for reverse and rebrand the ginger male stereotype.

All his work is about ‘owning socially perceived flaws and being comfortable in your own skin.’ He wanted show ginger guys as ultra sexy, confident and powerful. His rebranding strategy is quite success. Through Knight's works, ginger male literally in the spotlight and impress all of us.

The project began as a Kickstarter, and raised nearly £40,000. This is not some niche exhibition but rather a red revolution. Now a 2017 calendar has been launched, featuring 12 redheaded men proudly, naturally beauty skin. It’s on sale internationally, and as you can see from the photos, it’s going to be huge.

All money raised by the project - be it book, sale or ticket - is donated to anti-bullying charity The Diana Award.

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