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  • Dylan Tang

SID NEIGUM, the elevate and revolution spring/summer 2017 collection

“This collection is about constraint, renewal, release, and empowerment”

Sid Neigum, the winner of DHL Exported. His spring/ summer 2017 collection unveiled during London Fashion Week this September.

The collection is supported by Swarovski, which made the runway more glitter and sparkle. This season could figure as Sia Neigum's fashion evolution. He elevated his signature modular origami designs which use a building block - or ''module''' to created repetitive structures. Comparing with his previous collection, which based on laser cut and double bonded nylon, this season Sid Neigum constructed by Swarovski crystal as cornerstone. If you examined his SS17 details by details, his construction was from slashed patterns and adds volume in the form of strips, ties and knots, cutting old ideas to make them new again, and playing with proportion through constraint and release.

Sid once said “I started off thinking about inspirational women throughout history — Ernestine Rose, Marlene Dietrich, Simone de Beauvoir — and imagining what these women would wear today. In a world crowded by celebrity, it is refreshing to remember those who fought for equality.”

As a mathematician by nature and designer by nurture, Sid Neigum’s creative process is akin to a science experiment, whereby he develops a set of rules or constraints, executes these rules, and then examines and tweaks the resulting garments.

The look book features internationally acclaimed model Kirsten Owen, the embodiment of liberation and empowerment. She, along with historical and contemporary female scientists, mathematicians and activists, is the ideal Sid Neigum woman.

Where to Buy and more information:

Official Website:

Facebook @SID NEIGUM

Twitter: @SidNeigum

Instagram: @sidneigum

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