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RED Valentino 2016秋冬形象廣告/ RED Valentino Fall/Winter 2016 AD Campaign

RED Valentino 成立於2009年,是義大利經典時裝品牌Valentino 旗下品牌線其中一條支線;RED Valentino 品牌定位以當代少女的前衛個性以及不循規蹈矩的風格聞名,但是加上一點少女的夢幻也是 RED Valentino 這支線的一個特點。帶著時裝豪門Valentino 的顯赫名氣,RED Valentino 在服裝表現以及織品面料選用上更是特別著重細節來完整呈現與門面Valentino一樣高品質的形象。

2016秋冬形象廣告找來了英國歌手 Birdy合作;Birdy 有著精靈般的臉孔卻有著超齡的成熟的聲音,與RED Valentino 這次2016年秋冬表達的想法完全契合,而了影像拍攝之外,身為歌手的Bridy 也直接在這次合作中獻聲,RED Valentino 2016形象廣告更增添了一股夢幻與前衛混合的個性。

RED Valentino founded in the 2009, one of the collections from the Italian fashion house, Valentino. The DNA from the RED Valentino is about to present the woman’s contemporary and unconventional style, but also mixture a modern fairytale.

RED Valentino inherited The Maison's fame and reputation, therefore, the apparel image and fabric finishing are take more attention.

The AW16 AD Campaign of RED Valentino featuring Birdy, a well-known British signer. Birdy has the unique fairy face and extra-mature voice. Basically, Birdy has everything perfectly match with RED Valentino. She wasn't only take photoshoot but also conducted a music video with RED Valentino. As a singer, Birdy literally built a ultra-strong atmosphere with RED Valentino.

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by Olivia Bee

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