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  • Dylan Tang

INF的黑暗王國勇闖紐約時裝週/ The very first time, INF in New York Fashion Week

獨立設計師品牌 INF 在台灣耕耘多年後,不僅在上一季的台北時裝週敞開黑暗王國的大門,更將在四大時裝週之一的紐約時裝週一展來自台灣,台中的時尚品牌力。


INF的 AW21 系列作品,是以台灣早期的「柑仔店文化」作為主要元素,且影后陳淑芳更將首度飾演女同志來展演這個黑暗系品牌溫暖的一面。


INF AW21作品,將在台灣時間2月17日早上九點(紐約時間2月16日晩上八點 ),於紐約時裝週官方網站,線上即時全球放映。


After years of working in Taiwan, the independent designer brand INF has not only opened the gate of his dark kingdom during the Taipei Fashion Week last season but will also showcase the power of fashion brands from Taichung, Taiwan at the New York Fashion Week.

Kuo Wei, the brand creative director, has big balls for this very first time show. He cooperated with Grace Chen, the Best Actress of 57th Golden Horse Awards, in the concept film. Although the fashion industry does not have ages issue, it is still worth admiring that Kuo Wei did not follow the young is everything when he first stepped overseas.

INF's AW21 concept film is base on Taiwanese early 'Grocery shop culture' as the main element, and the actress Grace Chen will play a lesbian for the first time to show the warm side of this dark brand.

Regarding the latest Autumn/Winter 2021 collection, Kuo Wei said, "Clothing design should be a platform for society to speak out and a culture carrier. I hope to create a more friendly and beautiful living environment through clothing design."

The INF 21AW works will be screened instantly and globally on New York Fashion Week at 9 am Taiwan time on February 17th (8 pm New York time on February 16th).


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