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  • Dylan Tang

OMEGA的新一代星座系列男錶極致雋永/OMEGA's new constellation collection is extremely timeless




全新2020年錶款絕大多數搭配抗菌橡膠襯裡皮革錶帶。裝飾金屬鏈節連結錶帶兩端與錶殼,創造獨一無二的外觀。若你偏好全金屬風格,全新錶款適用於任何星座39毫米系列的錶鏈,也可搭配同系列的全皮革錶帶。最後,底蓋的藍寶石水晶讓人可欣賞內部的歐米茄 8900 / 8901機芯。所有腕錶都通過代表業界最高精準度、性能與防磁標準的瑞士聯邦計量科學研究所(METAS)大師天文台腕錶認證。


Everyone has a favourite watch brand, but if you really ask many people, it's not difficult to find that the brands everyone loves are similar. The reason why it happened is not that these brands have monopolized the market. It’s because, in the world of the watch industry, reputation and quality are equally important. After all, watches are not consumer products like ready-to-wear. If you really want to say, only Haute Couture in the fashion industry can be comparable to watches.

Omega Constellation collection has long been a symbol of precision and timeless style. Today, a new generation of 41 mm men's watches is grandly launched. It not only reflects a spirit of boldness and elegance but also beautifully presents the most famous design features of the constellation collection, such as classic clasps and half-moon facets on both ends of the case. In addition, Omega incorporated some of its top and most advanced watchmaking materials into the design. Including stainless steel, 18K gold or a combination of stainless steel and 18K gold.

In the new collection, almost all the bezels are made of polished ceramics, and the appearance of the original 1982 constellation Manhattan watch with shiny sapphire crystal glass is again engraved. In this collection, only one watch is equipped with an exclusive stainless steel bezel, and the bezel is decorated with black Roman numerals. This Roman numeral is made of Omega Ceragold™ porcelain gold or liquid metal.

Most of the new 2020 models are equipped with antibacterial rubber-lined leather straps. Decorative metal links connect the ends of the strap and the case to create a unique look. If you prefer the all-metal style, the new model is suitable for any constellation 39 mm collection bracelet, and can also be matched with the entire collection of leather straps. Finally, the sapphire crystal of the bottom cover allows you to admire the internal Omega 8900/8901 core. All watches are certified by the Master Observatory Watch of the Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology (METAS), which represents the industry's highest standards of accuracy, performance and are anti-magnetic.

Bevelling along the edges of the case and claws has provided the collection with a more slender look compared to models of the past, and even the crown has been subtly reshaped for added style. Adding to this effect, the hands have been given a slimline update, and the new indexes take their inspiration from the Manhattan skyline, most notably the triangular facets of the Freedom Tower.

Most of the new 2020 models will be presented on leather straps with an anti-bacterial rubber lining. A decorative metallic link connects each side of the strap to the case, creating a unique look of its own. Those who prefer an overall metallic look can match their new model with any bracelet in the Constellation 39mm collection, or its full leather strap.

Finally, the case back features a sapphire crystal that offers a view of the OMEGA Master Co-Axial Calibre 8900 / 8901 inside. All watches have been Master Chronometer certified by the Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology (METAS) to the industry’s highest standards of precision, performance and magnetic resistance.


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