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Matthew Miller 消彌時裝週偏見的2018秋冬男裝/ Against old establishments, Matthew Miller aw18 collection

Matthew Miller 2018秋冬男裝使用了倫敦男裝週鮮少的方式來呈現他最新男裝;這一次的 Autumn/Winter 2018 最新系列打破了大家對於時裝秀的偏見,儘管這個呈現方式已經不是時尚界裡第一次的呈現方式,但是完全沒有模特兒而是使用嘻哈歌手以及樂團的呈現方式,可以說是這次男裝週裡頭最棒的亮點

所有的樂團成員穿上Matthew Miller 的最新服裝表演歌曲,將大家對於英國音樂與時尚的高品質真實呈現在所有觀眾眼裡,音樂以及啤酒,整個晚上的氛圍可以說是恰到好處,一點突兀的眉角都沒有。

服裝上雖然無法仔細地觀賞,但是 Matthew Miller 還是沒有讓大家失望,畢竟這種呈現方式是以最現實的方式來傳達他想要的新時尚表演;如果衣服在現實生活上無法精準呈現,那麼這些最新系的服裝到底又到底該怎麼進入市場呢?


和設計師的獨家訪問 Matthew Miller ,讓他親自解說對於這一次的服裝的見解

(臺:臺客雜誌、M:Matthew Miller)


M:為甚麼不呢?因為也到了該挑戰自己的時間點了,所以我決定把我的AW18 服裝放在一場演唱會裡頭。

臺:所以你是搖滾樂迷嗎? M:不只搖滾樂,像是鄉村音樂我也很喜歡;幾乎全部種類的音樂我都聽。


M:Utilitarian 實用的功利設計,所以當你在看型錄照的時候,你會覺得有點像制服、有些軍裝的細節,這其實是來自時下年輕人的穿著,因為他們就像是一隻新的軍隊,擁有許多不同強大的聲音,他們勇敢的對抗舊的體制,所也這也是為什麼我這一次跟新興的樂團年輕人合作。



Matthew Miller autumn/winter 2018 all looks.

Matthew Miller’s latest collection is full of energy and showcase in a very different way during London fashion Week.

This season, Autumn/Winter 2018, Matthew Miller broke the stereotype of Fashion show. His show was literally a gig, with bands, a rapper and full of vivid vibes, and he defiantly set a high bar to other brands in this fashion week.

You could’t find a single model in this space, instead, if you want to see Matthew Miller’s AW18 collection, you have to completely enjoy the show. Because members of the band were all wear Matthew Miller’s latest collection. This scene is such a typical English lifestyle, which is all about Music, Fashion and Beer.

Even though you couldn’t see the clothes properly, you still can figure that Matthew Miller’s AW18 collection are so perfect to the real life. In fact, if you made a clothes but those clothes are not useful, then what’s the point to produce these, right?


Interview with Matthew Miller;

(T: TAIKER Magazine ; M: Matthew Miller)

T: Why would you like to use a different way to present your Autumn/Winter 2018 collection?

M: Why not? Coz it is time to really challenge yourself differently. I thought of one day, I decided to put on a gig. So I put on a gig.

T: So are you a Rock n’ Roll fans?

M: Music fans, massive music fans. Not just rock n’ roll, like all country music, I can’t just say one. I listen to anything.

T: In this collection, what do you want to present to the world?

M: Utilitarian, so when you see the look-book. It looks all like the uniform and military details. So it’s very utilitarian. And it’s reference of young people nowadays, coz I think they are new army. And they got really powerful voice. They against the old establishments so that’s why I want to create with young bands. And young people who got the something to say.

T: What do you think about the future of menswear?

M: Who knows. I don’t even know this is successful or not. So we will see what happens.


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Photographed by Olivia Pringle/Matthew Miller


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