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  • Dylan Tang

Loewe 2019春夏男裝形象照/ Loewe SS19 menswear Lookbook

說到底 Loewe 的風格被 Jonathan Anderson 朔造得非常鮮明,跟以往大家單純的認為 Loewe 只是來自西班牙的皮件品牌時期已經大不相同,本季的春夏2019男裝,更因為Jonathan Anderson 本身強烈的風格使得 Loewe 更上一層樓,他無違和的將西班牙的夏天風情以及北愛爾蘭的優柔性情完美結合。

Anderson 對於條紋以及大地色系的使用已經非常的駕輕就熟,但是為了將 Loewe 與 JW Anderson 做出區隔,在這一次的Loewe 2019 春夏男裝系列 Anderson 加入了鮮豔的色塊以突顯春夏的熱情與元素。

Loewe 更找來了Anderson 崇拜的知名攝影師 Duane Michals 為這一次的形象照操刀,不僅將 Loewe 的2019春夏男裝拍攝的精緻,更將 Anderson 靈魂精準地展現在這一次的全新系列裡。

After all, Loewe's style was very vividly and precisely created by Jonathan Anderson. It was quite different from the time when everyone thought that Loewe was just a leather goods brand from Spain.

The Spring/Summer 2019 menswear collection is very different because of Jonathan Anderson's strong individual spirit. His vivid style has brought Loewe to the next level, and he combines the summer style of Spain with the superiority of Northern Ireland.

Anderson is the expert of using stripes and earth tones, but in order to clearly separate Loewe and JW Anderson, the SS19 menswear collection of Loewe, Mr Anderson added bright colour of blocks to highlight the enthusiasm of spring and summer.

Loewe also found Duane Michals, who is a well-known photographer admired by Anderson, to take care of this images. Mr Michals didn’t only refined the Loewe’s men’s SS19 , but also accurate Mr Anderson’s soul in this lookbook of new collection.


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