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  • Dylan Tang

Liu Jo 秋冬2019形象廣告/ Liu Jo AW19 Campaign

義大利品牌 Liu Jo 推出了2019的全新形象廣告「The Right Look」在這一個秋冬廣告裡,Liu Jo 完全地展現了義大利人的魅力!


要成為大家心目中的完美男人並不容易,#MrRight 一直都是一個態度的展現,一個你對於完美個性的呈現。在這一支廣告裡頭,Liu Jo 找來了西班牙模特兒 Xavier Serrano 為2019年的秋冬表現形象,也將地中海大國的熱情,交織再一起,成為秋冬最有趣的形象廣告。


Liu Jo, the Italian fashion brand, launched their autumn/winter 2019 campaign.

How to dress ‘The Right Look’ isn’t easy. It’s not about what you wear. It’s about how you wear it. If you know what I mean. There’s not a shortcut to be a #MrRight.

In this campaign, Xavier Serrano is the face for this fashion brand. Coincidentally, Liu Jo and Serrano are both from the Mediterranean. Even their original counties aren’t the same but the sexy and charming sparkle has created by these two magnificent personality.


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