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  • Dylan Tang

Kent & Curwen 再讓英倫玫瑰綻放出新光芒/ Kent & Curwen makes the British Rose shine again

英國品牌早秋系列再出招,這一次創意總監 Daniel Kearns 將這個歷史的經典品牌再次翻玩,透過紀錄片《水花四濺》(A Bigger Splash) 中取得的靈感,要讓英倫玫瑰花再次綻放出美麗的光芒。

Kent & Curwen 的最新作品要表現的主題是 “團隊與個體”。雖然時間的流動,許多品牌因此失去寶貴的初始核心價值。但是活下來的品牌就是不斷將創意與歷史的交錯,碰撞出不同的火花。

會這樣說的原因是因為這個英國品牌 1926 年在倫敦創立,並且是專為英國頂尖學府、運動俱樂部、軍隊以及各種機構與組織設計及提供制服。但是這樣的設定當然不會永久接受市場的接受,畢竟大家想要的會隨著不同時空背景求親求變。不過,圍繞著 “團隊與制服” 核心概念的Kent & Curwen 這一季不僅將玫瑰徽章與品牌的經典團隊條紋結合,將傳統學院風和運動風的基調把制服重新演繹,以不一樣的風格、輪廓和配色融入時下著裝風格。


每一次推出新作品的Kent & Curwen 總是給大家不一樣的新視野,這次的早秋系列,Kent & Curwen 逐漸走入了大眾視野,利用獨特風格及美學,讓人們感覺成為 #teamkc 的一員之餘,依然可以在造型上融合個人品味,展現自我個性。



Kent & Curwen has finally launched its early autumn collection. This time, Daniel Kearns, creative director, replayed this historical classic brand. Through the inspiration of the movie "A Bigger Splash", the British rose will be bright and beautiful again.

The theme of Kent & Curwen's latest work is "Uniform versus Personal style". Although time flows, many brands have lost their valuable initial core values. But the surviving brand is to continuously interlace creativity and history, and collide with different sparks.

The reason for saying this is because this British brand was founded in London in 1926, and supplying uniforms to the elite universities, sporting clubs, military forces and various establishments around the UK.

However, such a setting will certainly not permanently accept from the crucial market. After all, demand from customers will change with different time and culture. However, Creative Director, Daniel Kearns plays with the traditions of preppy and sporting style, a uniform in its own right, he reworks it to show how today we can adapt this into our lives in new styles, shapes and colours.

Uniform and Personal style

Every time Kent & Curwen launches a new collection, it always gives everyone a different new horizon. In this early autumn collection, Kent & Curwen has gradually entered the public eye, using unique style and aesthetics to make people feel like they are part of #teamkc but can adapt into their own personal style and individuality.

You might say that uniforms are the shackles given by society. But I think the uniform is respecting you give to yourself. Who says embracing the uniform style can maintain your personality? ‘Pride in your badge’ is what you need to do in the autumn/winter.


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