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  • Dylan Tang

整飾肌膚角質 理膚寶水推出極效三重酸煥膚精華/ Facial Grooming: La Roche-Posay presents Effaclar Ultra Concentrated Serum


對這樣的影響,如何整飾自己的臉部皮膚?法國品牌理膚寶水La Roche-Posay,推出全新『極效三重酸煥膚精華』,這個產品以獨家首創「三重酸」深層煥膚科技,不僅能迅速恢復肌膚角質該有正常代謝量能,由淺到深層逐層去除殘留堆積老廢角質,降低減少粉刺生成。







【5】理膚寶水溫泉水:有效舒緩肌膚敏感不適,協助穩定肌膚。理膚寶水行銷經理 李毓婷表示,理膚寶水首創「三重酸」協同作用,讓去角質煥膚功效優於市售常見「單一酸」產品只作用於局部角質代謝功能,同時避免單一酸為求功效添加過高濃度,刺激肌膚引發敏感不適問題。

Covid Era continues to affect our lives. In the past two years, we have to wear masks every day to prevent the virus. Although mask can protect us from the fatal virus, the facial skin will affect the ability of keratin metabolism. In addition, the summer is coming; hence facial skin is easy to stimulate the secretion of sebum and cause more acne, which is difficult to relieve.

Therefore, how do you refurbish your facial skin under such influence? La Roche-Posay, a French brand, has launched Effaclar Ultra Concentrated Serum. This product uses the exclusive Tri-Acid, which can quickly restore the skin's keratin metabolism ability and remove the accumulated old dead skin cells layer by layer, reducing the generation of acne.

What's Effaclar Ultra Concentrated Serum secret? Aforementioned, the new Tri-Acid is the new thing for this French brand. Its complex containing Salicylic Acid (1.5%), Glycolic Acid (3.5%) and LHA (0.45%) work in synergy to gently exfoliate the skin, while maintaining optimal tolerance. This innovative tri-acid complex diminishes the appearance of marks left by acne and visible pores, refines uneven skin texture and reduces signs of aging. Also formulated with Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) and La Roche-Posay Thermal Water.

Think about it. Maybe the post-covid era will also be our new life due to our preparation on our skin.


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