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  • Dylan Tang

壞小子羅比威廉斯的聖誕禮物/ From Robbie Williams, his 《The Christmas Present》

壞小子羅比威廉斯(Robbie Williams) 今年馬不停蹄地要在國際樂壇中留下足跡;從2019年初時發行的《Under The Radar Volume 3》將那些扼腕沒有收入在正規專輯中的歌曲再次一網打盡之外,今年底更要發行個人首張的聖誕專輯《The Christmas Present》。這張聖誕專輯除了有許多耳熟能詳的聖誕歌曲外,還成為英國電視台 Channel 4 的改編電視劇《來喝下午茶的老虎》(The Tiger Came to Tea) 的主題曲。

這張專輯的首隻MV充滿著濃濃的Robbie味!Merry Xmas Everybody 這首歌除了有這位樂壇壞小子給的祝福,還找來了英國流行爵士歌手 Jamie Cullum 一起獻聲,在MV裡,簡單的以錄音室作為背景,Robbie 孩子氣的左右搖擺,似乎也呼應了每一位大人不管到了幾歲,只要遇到這個歡樂的節日,總是能手舞足道地隨著音樂起舞。

Robbie Williams 對這一章節慶專輯的重視,就像是他對每一張錄音室正規專輯一樣;這張專輯不僅包含了 Winter Wonderland、Santa Baby和 It's A Wonderful Life 等經典歌曲,更有不少大咖歌手一起獻聲,像是Rod StewartBryan AdamsTyson Fury。而且在這個充滿愛的節日裡,Robbie 也找來了父親 Peter Conway 在 It's A Wonderful Life 一起合唱,若是說Robbie Williams 是樂壇中的壞小子,那麼從這張專輯也不難發現,壞小子遇到充滿愛的日子,也會成為一位乖兒子。

《The Christmas Present》將在 11月22日發行,並分為雙CD共收錄41首歌。

DISC 1: Christmas Past 1. Winter Wonderland 2. Merry Xmas Everybody (feat. Jamie Cullum) 3. Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! 4. The Christmas Song (Chestnuts roasting on an open fire) 5. Christmas Lullaby 6. Rudolph 7. Yeah! It’s Christmas 8. It’s A Wonderful Life (feat. Poppa Pete) 9. Let’s Not Go Shopping 10. Santa Baby(feat. Helene Fischer) 11. Best Christmas Ever 12. One Last Christmas 13. Coco’s Christmas Lullaby

DISC 2: Christmas Future 14. Time For Change 15. Idlewild 16. Darkest Night 17. Fairytales (feat. Rod Stewart) 18. Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) (feat. Bryan Adams) 19. Bad Sharon (feat. Tyson Fury) 20. Happy Birthday Jesus Christ 21. New Year’s Day 22. Snowflakes 23. Home 24. Soul Transmission 25. I Believe in Father Christmas * 26. Not Christmas * 27. Merry Kissmas * 28. It Takes Two (feat. Rod Stewart) *

* 限量版獨家收錄

The bad boy, Robbie Williams will leave his footsteps in the music industry this year. At the beginning in early 2019, Williams released his "Under The Radar Volume 3" which includes many songs, not in his previous studio albums. At the end of this year, he is going to release his first-ever Christmas album, "The Christmas Present". Furthermore, this Christmas album has become the theme song for the TV series "Tiger Comes to Tea" adapted from Channel 4.

The first Music video of this album is full of Robbie's taste! Williams' Merry Xmas Everybody is sort of a song that he spread his blessing to literally everybody. This song also featured the pop-jazz singer Jamie Cullum, this duo made this song more powerful and funny. In the video, Robbie's children-like swing reminds us that even you are not a child anymore you still can dance for no-reasons happiness, especially on this special day.

Robbie Williams sees this Christmas album as important as his other studio records. The album includes not only Winter Wonderland, Santa Baby and It's A Wonderful Life, but also featured great singers, such as Rod Stewart, Bryan Adams and Tyson Fury. In this holiday of love, Robbie also sings with his father, Peter Conway in "This is a wonderful life." If Robbie Williams is a bad boy in the music industry, then this album has proved that the bad boy will become a good boy when Christmas is coming.

"The Christmas Present" will be released on November 22.


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