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Chopard 不一樣的萬聖節/ Chopard offers you a different Halloween




當台灣的農曆七月已經過去,隨之而來的是西洋的鬼節-萬聖節。這個節日其實是早在西元前數世紀,凱爾特人(Celts,居住在蘇格蘭、威爾斯及愛爾蘭等地)在十月三十一日的時候,慶祝一個名為「 Samhain 」的節日。因為在十月底,活人世界跟死人世界之間的界線會變得模糊,因此死人的靈魂很容易進入活人的世界,因此10月31日萬聖節那一天,大家會穿著奇裝異服,在外遊行,希望能把外面的孤魂野鬼給嚇跑。



瑞士腕錶品牌蕭邦為了這個萬聖節限量發行了100只的L.U.C Skull One腕錶。而且這只腕錶更將普羅大眾熟悉的萬聖節故事延伸出更具深度的意義。因為L.U.C Skull One 以墨西哥Calavera骷髏為裝飾,將亡靈節與萬聖節的精神完整融合。(墨西哥亡靈節是10月31日至11月2日,與天主教假期萬聖節(11月1日)時間相同。)

因此,蕭邦透過L.U.C Skull One腕錶重新審視空靈主題,將腕錶配備黑色漆面錶盤和鍍金時標、配備錶徑40毫米微珠打磨DLC精鋼錶殼和棕色小牛皮錶帶。而且在趣味十足的骷顱頭面具下,還搭載了由蕭邦錶廠工藝大師親手打造的L.U.C 96.53-L型自動上鏈機械機芯。這只腕錶的厚度僅為3.3毫米,更沿用蕭邦Twin技術研發的雙發條盒,動力儲存可達58小時。機芯採用高效堅固的鎢金微型擺陀上鏈。錶橋上還裝飾精美別致的「日內瓦波紋」,精密機芯透過黑色透明錶底蓋一覽無遺,與作品採用的深色調遙相呼應,兼備外在美與內在美。



"...Play Chopin's Nocturne for you to commemorate my hopeless love. The sound like the night breeze is very heartbreaking..." When Jay Chou released this song in 2005, many people were deeply attracted because of the lyrics.

Every story has its own glory, but if no one conveys the meaning behind it, sometimes as time goes by.

Where does Halloween come from

When the July of the lunar calendar in Taiwan has passed, the Western Ghost Festival, Halloween follows. Halloween was a celebration by Celts who celebrated as a festival called 'Samhain' on October 31. Because at the end of October, the boundary between the world of the living and the world of the dead will become blurred, so the souls of the dead can easily enter the world of the living. Therefore, on Halloween, October 31st, everyone will wear fancy costumes hope can scare away ghosts outside.

Stay with the past

As time continues to pass, the inheritance of many stories has changed. At this time, if someone can continue the story accurately, perhaps there will be no more regrets.

Swiss watch brand Chopard has launched a limited edition of 100 L.U.C Skull One watches for this Halloween. And this watch extends the Halloween story with a deeper meaning. Because L.U.C Skull One is decorated with Mexican Calavera skulls, it integrates the spirit of Day of the Dead and Halloween. (The Day of the Dead in Mexico is from October 31st to November 2nd, the same time as the Catholic holiday Halloween (November 1st).)

Therefore, Chopard revisited the ethereal theme through the L.U.C Skull One watch, equipped the watch with a black lacquered dial and gold-plated hour markers, equipped with a diameter of 40 mm bead polished DLC stainless steel case and brown calfskin strap. And the interesting skull mask, it is also equipped with the L.U.C 96.53-L self-winding mechanical movement made by the craftsmen of Chopard. The thickness of this watch is only 3.3 mm, and the double-barrel developed by Chopard Twin technology has a power reserve of up to 58 hours. The movement is with a highly efficient and robust tungsten gold micro-oscillating weight. The crown is also decorated with exquisite and unique 'Côtes de Genève'. The precision movement can be seen through the black transparent case back, which echoes the deep tones used in the work, and has both external and internal beauty.

If today we choose to forget what to do from the traditional because of fear, this behaviour seems to mean that you will erase the important time in history. For better or worse, there are always many things in our life that we don’t want to face. But through an ingenious design watch. Then the spiritual support may be a rare opportunity to improve one's own internal and external style again.

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