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  • Dylan Tang

英國男孩, 2018 限量紅髮月曆/ British Boys, RED HOT 2018 Limited Calendar

紅色的頭髮一直都是熱情的顏色,也是讓人感到性感的顏色;英國知名的攝影師 Thomas Knight 已經連續好幾年參與這個令人敬佩的攝影創作。

RED HOT 這個組織在2013年成立,成立的目的主要是為了受到霸凌的人們進行發聲,而RED HOT 組織所中時的核心價值正是與他們行為一致的 “Be comfortable in your own skin”

在歐美國家,所謂的Ginger 代表著的就是擁有一頭紅髮的人們,而也因為天生基因的關係,他們的膚色較為蒼白,臉上的雀斑也相對的明顯許多,因此許多擁有紅髮基因的人們在學生時期就因為這樣相對不同的長相時常受到同儕之間的霸凌,

雖然這樣子的行為在這幾年已經相對個改善許多,但是仍然有許多青少年依然飽受自己因為看似與眾不同而受到的苦難,因此攝影師 Thomas Knight 和 藝術總監 Elliott James Frieze 合作,將會透過這本月曆的所得捐款給 Ben Cohen StandUp Foundation 作為反霸凌的基金,在今年也增加支持關心 LGBTQ 的社群中。




Website: Red Hot

Facebook: Red Hot

Twitter: Red Hot

Red is the colour of sexy, Ginger is the colour of beautiful. The well-known British photographer has been participate this charity photography in many years.

RED HOT founded in 2013, the purpose of this organisation is for anti-bullies and support all people who has been insult because of their unique. Therefore, they claim all human being has to 'Be comfortable in your own skin.'

In 2018, RED HOT calendar has two different kinds, one is a regular version which has British Boys showcase their figure and covering by the sun. On the other hand, the limited edition has completely different looks. In this limited edition, it more focus on model's...body.

Through photographer Thomas Knights and Art Director Elliott James Frieze, Red Hot 2018 calendar 'British Boys' are going to raise funds for the Ben Cohen StandUp Foundation to help to eradicate bullying, especially in the LGBTQ community.


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