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  • Dylan Tang

Vivienne Westwood 秋冬男女裝系列/ Vivienne Westwood AW17/18 collection







A lucky young woman, she comes from a privileged part of the world where she’s been well cared for by loving parents. She’s intellectual, artistic, and adventurous. Let’s hope the bloke had the same chance in life. They love our clothes; we’re a high fashion company – a happy company. It’s skilled, labour intensive, rather artisan; one of its features is that through our cutting principles we mass produce clothes that look couture. She and he are having fun with Unisex and swapping clothes. ‘Buy less, choose well, make it last’ limits the exploitation of the planet’s natural resources. He and she have joined Intellectuals Unite (IOU) and are becoming ever more scared of Climate Change. Our hair stands on end. We wear a paper crown. Who are our rulers?

We don’t accept the rule of the million, we want people power / democratic rule.

We want a responsible government, responsible to people,

not only responsible to banks and conglomerate monopolies.

Stop Climate Change.


Where to Buy and More information

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