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DIESEL 2016秋冬形象廣告/ DIESEL Fall/Winter 2016 AD Campaign

義大利品牌 DIESEL 先前推出了秋冬2016廣告,主打標籤 #forsuccessfulliving 讓顧客從四十九張形象廣告中找尋自己的人生定位;這四十九張形象廣告是與攝影師 Terry Richardson 合作。

今年也是DIESEL 在時裝產業裡第三十的年頭,DIESEL透過展覽以及秀後即買的時裝秀來讓品牌提升到與消費者更有互動的位置;DIESEL的展覽從日本開始,已派對慶祝的形式來表達三十年來消費者以及時尚產業人士的愛戴,在日本結束之後將會到上海、倫敦、米蘭以及紐約進行 #forsuccessfulliving 的展覽

DIESEL unveiled their AW16 campaign couple days ago. The idea of their campaign is #forsuccessfulliving. DIESEL conducted 49 stunning images for people rethink basically is what's your life situation so far and need what?

DIESEL cooperate with Terry Richardson for their AW16 campaign. In the meanwhile, This year is DIESEL 30 years in fashion industry; therefore, they celebrates their third decades with fashion events and see-now-buy-now fashion show. You now can participate this legendary brands event in Japan and make decision what is the hashtag your particularly need it for. If you cannnot make it their celebration in Tokyo, the #forsuccessfulliving exhibition will travel worldwide, landing in Shanghai, London, Milan and New York before 2017.

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Facebook: DIESEL


Twitter: @DIESEL

by Terry Richardson

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