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  • Samuel Balkin

英式優雅痞子 Thom Sweeney SS17/ The British elegant Mafia; Thom Sweeney SS17

當我們回顧Thom Sweeney 二零一七年的男裝系列之後,那些自稱自己具備英倫風的男士們;請再次檢視自己的衣櫃裡漏了哪些英倫男士們必備的單品吧!

首先;西裝,回想一下,不管是男孩還是男人們,當你穿上西裝之後你的自信心是否劇烈的提升而且給別人的印象即是 “俐落、乾淨而且聰明”並且人覺得你會有追求成功的強烈企圖心!但是不要忘記保持簡單『少即是多』的概念在男士身上永遠都是受用的金句良言;因此衣櫃裡保有一件 Thom Sweeney 的俐落西裝,絕對對你的外型有正面的影響!

Thom Sweeney 是一個由 Thom Whiddett 和 Luke Sweeney在二零零七年所成立的品牌,主要商品為正裝西裝、外套、上衣、短褲以及睡衣。Thom Sweeney 的品牌核心為『完美打造、即時展現』如果有一天你發現你缺了一套稍後出席活動的西裝,Thom Sweeney 的西裝當你懸崖勒馬時能解救你的品牌;除了讓你穿出自信以外“舒服”也是他們強調品牌核心;Loro Piana 面料帶出舒適皮膚觸感、質量高的羊毛和其他紡織品的混紡更是突破傳統的設計;Thome Sweeney 也並非一昧的突破傳統,因為沒有過來人的智慧就沒有未來的康莊大道,他們也終於傳統的概念可以在他們使用蓮花作為傳統表現最好的證明。

Thom Sweeney 的奢華與又獨一無二,全因為他們把時尚基本的元素拆成單一樣本來解讀但是卻又重新結構成他們的服裝;英式的訂製以及義式的面料,讓這一切都更加的理所當然。

最後,如果你也想突出自己的個性像個放蕩不羈的英式痞子卻又想要不失優雅,Thom Sweeney 的高級訂製西裝就是你整個夏天最好的選擇。

Gentlemen, we are back once again with Thom Sweeney’s Spring Summer Collection 2017 and I tell you what, it is something to definitely look at! Why? Well, first of every man should have a desire to have suit, it gives a man a boost of confidence, makes him look sharp, clean, smart, makes it look you're a man that seeks success. To keep it simple, It’s a basic fundamental piece that should have a place somewhere within your wardrobe. There’a bunch of reasons and the list goes on but it all has a positive affect on you.

Thom Sweeney, a collaboration between Thom Whiddett and Luke Sweeney that begun in 2007, brings you a range of suits, jackets, shirts, pants and nightwear. It should be considered by anyone who would want a long lasting piece that is fitted for you SPECIFICALLY as they “Measure to Fit and Ready to Wear” using Loro Piana fabric. A company that provides wool of the highest quality and different other fabrics that are used in the most innovative and at the same time being traditional. An example would be their recent Lotus flower.

This makes Thom Sweeney ever more luxurious and unique within the fashion world as they use their expertise in constructing individuality for the models who are portraying their work. It throws out a flavour of British (tailoring) and Italian elements (Loro Piana) which goes against more of the formal look of the Savile Rowe. A place where Thom Whiddett and Luke Sweeney were apprentices as they began their crafts. As a conclusion, If I were to wear one of the suits, I would just imagine myself as being part of the Mafia or a British Gangster throughout spring and summer as my confidence levels will be sky high knowing that Thom Sweeney provides the highest quality fabrics and tailored to your own personal liking.

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