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  • Dylan Tang

小護士;流行感冒/ La Petite Nurse; INFLUENZA


小護士樂團成立至今已經來到了第十四個年頭;伴隨而來的也是他們的第四張創作專輯『流行感冒』,有別於過往清純陽光的弦律,首波主打歌 ‘’黑雨’’ 一曲譜出華麗搖滾的新風貌,其中,音樂錄影帶裡面更從主唱呢喃著詩意般文字後唱出 「Nobody knows me….」彷彿是在宣告得了流行感冒時的無助,又或者像是在傾訴這個世界帶給人們的孤寂感。


La Petite Nurse is going to release their fourth studio album ‘’INFLUENZA’’ on 21th May!

This year is the fourteenth years since they debuted in 2002. They are not just going to celebrate their 14 years in music; moreover, what are they provide to us is an extremely different style music.

Their music used to be very attractive for teenagers, which means they were rock but pop; however, in this album ‘INFLUENZA’, people will not have the same feeling as usual. Their first music video ‘Black Rain’ showcased the different glamour rock music. From the begging of this video, vocalist speak words as a poem, then he sings ‘Nobody Knows me….’ Once you watch this video, you really can describe your loneliness, even more, your life as a solitary.

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