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  • Josh Lin

那年夏天我們一起排過的鞋YEEZY BOOST 350再度回歸!/YEEZY BOOST 350 V2 “Ash Pearl“ have launched

說到YEEZY 系列,不得不提到在台灣上市時在潮流圈掀起轟動的BOOST 350,當時的發售不僅造成了街道的萬人空巷,大人小孩也是愛不釋手。而熱賣的YEEZY系列鞋款鼻祖350更是間接催生了後續的許多熱門鞋款,如BOOST 500700⋯等。如今BOOST 350即將強勢的回歸,帶領著我們回到那年的夏天。

adidas + KANYE WEST YEEZY BOOST系列推出350 V2 Ash Pearl鞋款,延續了YEEZY BOOST系列標誌性大地色系設計美學,鞋領和鞋側以卡其色與米白色注入Primeknit編織鞋面,打造珍珠般的夢幻漸層光澤。

鞋款更是搭載adidas代表性BOOST™技術緩震中底,加乘鞋側半透明面料呼應,提供舒適腳感同時讓鞋款視覺更為豐富。YEEZY BOOST 350 V2 Ash Pearl富有潮流時尚態度的外型與實穿度,勢必引發街頭份子高度關注,再次成為夏日不容錯過的話題鞋款!


Speaking of the YEEZY , I have to mention the BOOST 350, which caused a sensation in the trend world when it was launched in Taiwan. The sale at that time not only caused the streets filled with thousands of people, but also everyone loved it. And the first and hot-selling YEEZY shoes 350 indirectly gave birth to many subsequent popular shoes, such as BOOST 500, 700... etc. Now BOOST 350 is about to have a strongly return, leading us back to the summer of that year.

adidas + KANYE WEST YEEZY BOOST launched 350 V2 Ash Pearl shoes, continuing the YEEZY BOOST’s iconic earth color design aesthetics. The collar and side of the shoe are infused with Primeknit woven uppers in khaki and off-white, creating a pearl-like dream Gradual gloss.

The shoes are equipped with adidas representative BOOST™ technology cushioning midsole, and the translucent fabric on the side of the shoes echoes, providing a comfortable foot feel and making the shoes more visual. YEEZY BOOST 350 V2 Ash Pearl's trendy and fashionable appearance and actual wear are bound to arouse high attention from street people, and once again become a topic shoe that cannot be missed in summer!


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