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  • Dylan Tang

從腳做環保 Timberland x RÆBURN推出Earthkeepers膠囊系列/ Timberland and RÆBURN launched Earthkeepers collection

Timberland 推出了秋冬2021 Earthkeepers® by RÆBURN 膠囊系列。這個系列展現了品牌最頂尖的生態創新和前衛風格。 Earthkeepers® by RÆBURN將目光聚焦於使用天然和可再生材料(包含再生皮革和再生羽絨),以呼應Timberland 2030年的品牌願景,以生態創新的產品,推動對自然產生正面的影響。

在Earthkeepers® by RÆBURN膠囊系列之中,Timberland 全球創意總監 Christopher Raeburn通過大膽的設計與生態創新的理念,將品牌引以為傲的傳統重新詮釋。

「The Earthkeepers® by RÆBURN 系列是我們的先驅,且具綠色/永續時尚的前瞻性。在反覆的實驗中,我們銳意將品牌責任、創新理念、以及Timberland品牌基因三者結合。本季的秋冬膠囊系列正是這個實驗中最前衛的代表作。它是Timberland不斷創新的成果體現,同時見證了品牌循序漸進的突破既定框架,探索綠色未來的努力。」創意總監 Raeburn 説。

Earthkeepers® by RÆBURN AW21膠囊系列中採用的再生皮革,均來源於採用再生農業實踐的農場。這些農場從自然的規律中得到啟發,讓土地有機會休養生息,通過保持水土,吸收碳排放,逐漸恢復生物多樣性,最終使環境產生積極的影響。


Timberland launched the AW21 Earthkeepers by RÆBURN capsule collection in markets worldwide, putting forth the brand’s highest level of eco-innovation and progressive style. With a focus on natural and recycled materials, including Regenerative Leather and Recycled Down, the collection furthers Timberland’s vision for its products to have a net positive impact on nature by 2030.

For this season’s offering, Timberland Global Creative Director Christopher Raeburn reimagines the brand’s authentic heritage through the lens of eco-innovation and his cutting-edge progressive style. Across footwear, apparel and accessories, the All Gender collection focuses on refined wardrobe essentials, travelling light and taking only what you need.

“The Earthkeepers by RÆBURN collection is really our pathfinder; an always evolving experiment to bring together responsible design, innovation and a unique archival approach to product creation,” says Raeburn. “I’m incredibly excited about the FW21 capsule, which brings a more progressive edge to the Timberland brand while pushing boundaries as we work toward a greener future.”

The Regenerative Leather featured in the collection is sourced from farms that use regenerative agricultural practices. Inspired by nature itself, these practices give land a chance to rest so it can absorb carbon, retain water and restore biodiversity – ultimately, aiming to have a net positive impact on the environment.


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