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  • Dylan Tang

青春未完結 《青春弒戀》林哲熹為角色展現老派浪漫/ Terrorizers, J.C. Lin is simple and old-fashion





或許他的青春就完結在那裡,但會不會重新開始另一段呢?不知道。」- 林哲熹



Terrorizers will be in the cinema on November 19 in Taiwan. This film mainly describes the story of six seemingly unrelated but influencing each other and finally involved in the random killing of young people. Through the concepts given by the six characters of love, desire, and crime packaging, this film explores Generation Z's living environment, surrounded by virtuality, online games, Internet celebrities, public social opinion, family issues, etc.

"Wow, it's difficult to describe him! Let me call out to ask Zhang for you."

When J.C. Lin was asked how to describe his role, Zhang Dong-Ling, aka Xiao Zhang, he responded humorously. J.C said: "Xiao Zhang is a simple person. He has a sense of responsibility. Because of this sense of responsibility, he will return to his hometown from the Ocean. When talking about love, he also shows his innocence just like his personality. On that side, it's a relatively simple type; that is, it's more old-fashioned!"

"When a thing is happening, many things are not over yet. Perhaps while our youth will end somehow, but it probably will start at some point. We will never know. "

To interpret Xiao Zhang, J.C. Lin has to do some studies, such as portraying an orphan. For him, this role, this movie, and the interaction with other actors made him re-examine the relationship between people. "I think it's actually the same as in our movie Terrorizers. In the end, everything returns to the relationship between people. Although we don't do too much, each character is still very vivid. So I am looking forward to the movie when it comes out. You can see how these people live in this city."

Photos Courtesy of 《青春弒戀》提供


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