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  • Dylan Tang

2019 六國賽:綻放的蘇格蘭薊花/ Six Nations, the thistle is blossoming

2019 六國賽第一輪的第二場比賽是由蘇格蘭出戰義大利,這一場比賽開始之前,大家都已經對著義大利抱著非常大的期望,為的就是期待著來自地中海的戰士能為2018就此雪恥。

不過由於蘇格蘭的藍薊們可不是省油的燈,除了蘇格蘭的球員們本身實力堅強之外,在佔有主場優勢的情況下,這群北方好手硬是痛宰了義大利的 Azzurri 們。

其中最值得聽到的就是蘇格蘭的 Blair Kinghorn,他在上半場不但兩次得分拉開與義大利的距離,更在下半場做出了帽子戲法再次達陣!他的精彩表現不只讓他獲得如雷的掌聲,更被獲選為本場比賽的最佳球員!受訪時 Kinghorn 說:「要歸功給我的隊友們,他們真的太棒了!而且也要謝謝義大利,謝謝他們帶來了一場那麼棒的比賽。」

而蘇格蘭的好手不只如此, Stuart Hogg 在下半場的神之手掌更是讓全場激動的焦點,畢竟已經是明星球員的Hogg 再次透過自己的全力以赴來證明自己不是名不虛傳,而是有真正實力的鐵漢子!


2019 The second game of the first round of the Six Nations was Scotland vs. Italy. Before the game started, everyone had already had great expectations for Italy, in order to look forward to these soldiers revenge for last year.

However, because the blues of Scotland are not a piece of cake. These players are the strengths of the players in Scotland, also have the home-court advantage, this group of northern players has been knocking down the Azzurri of Italy.

Blair Kinghorn the most noticed man of this match. In the first half, he’s not only scored twice for distances away from Italy, but also made a hat trick in the second half to make another try! His wonderful performance not only made him get the applause as thunder, but also was selected as the best player in this game! At the time of the interview, Kinghorn said: "Credit to our boys. They’re awesome and credit to Italy because they brought everything to the game at the end."

In addition, the good man of Scotland is not just that, Stuart Hogg's magic hand in the second half made audience extremely emotional. After all, Hogg, who is already a star player, once again goes through his own efforts to prove that his reputation isn’t just a barbie doll, in fact he has real strength. An exact iron man!

The victory of Scotland is not an accident. If you’ve watched the entire game from the beginning, it is not difficult to find that Scottish fighters are more flexible in observing the surrounding tactics! This game not only boosted morale, but also made the thistle have the picture to win this championship.


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