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  • Dylan Tang

2019 六國賽第三輪:無人能敵的威爾斯巨龍/ Six Nations Round 3, The unrivalled Red Dragon, Wales


雖然比賽一開始由英格蘭隊的 Owen Farrell 和 Tom Curry 因為罰球和達陣得分在上半場取得領先,但是下半場威爾斯的反攻可是毫不手軟,並且節節逼退英格蘭,讓他們的得分就此停留在63分時 Owen Farrell 幫英格蘭隊再次取得的分數。


Liam Williams 這一場比賽的 Man of the Match,在賽後採訪時他說道「前兩場比賽我們並沒有打得很好,因此為了這一週的比賽我們所有人都更加的努力..... 我們對抗法國有更多次的進攻,但是就像我說的,我們這一週加倍的努力讓英格蘭這一顆炸彈可以被澆熄。」


The extraordinary Welsh Dragon, who successfully defeated England in the third round of the Guinness Six Nations 2019, kept the number one position on the leaderboard! It is also the greatest achievement for this unbeatable dragon in 2019.

Although the game was started by England's Owen Farrell and Tom Curry in the first half because of the penalty and try. But the second half, Welsh’s counterattack was not soft, and they forced England to retreat. Staying at 63 minute that Owen Farrell helped the England team score again.

Wales’ counterattack in the second half is not the news of this 2019 Six Nations. In the first round, this red dragon defeated France at home. The key to success for this red flash probably is their intermission integrate due to is the brand new season. Even for dragons have to scout first then knockdown their competitor. After the re-integration, the soldiers of Welsh were able to successfully counterattack and win in the second half.

Liam Williams, Man of the Match in this game, said in an interview after the game. "We didn't play well in the first two games so we've worked hard this week and the boys really dug deep….When they played France, they kicked quite a lot of ball, but as I said, we've been working hard this week. We're just happy to have defused those bombs.”

The third round of the 2019 Six Nations race is expected to end. The unrivalled red dragon is on the top of the chart.


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