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  • Dylan Tang

2019六國賽第二輪:愛爾蘭壓倒性地獲得勝利/ Six Nations Round 2, Ireland’s belief

六國賽進入了第二輪,第一場比賽由蘇格蘭對上常勝軍愛爾蘭;在愛丁堡的體育場裡,蘇格蘭靠著主場優勢首先得分,但是在愛爾蘭的 Conor Murray 抓到機會達陣之後,整場比賽的局勢就馬上一面倒的回向愛爾蘭。

但是在一連串的激烈攻防之後,蘇格蘭靠著卓越的技巧以及速度上的優勢靠著 Sam Johnson 的達陣將比數拉回剩下兩分的差距。

到了下半場,蘇格蘭與愛爾蘭彷彿都抱著必勝的決心,雖著衝撞的力道越來越大,最後還是由愛爾蘭佔了上風,畢竟體型上的優勢還是愛爾蘭比較吃香;靠著Keith Earls 和 Joey Carbery 的達陣以及附加得分,愛爾蘭將差距拉到了接近十分。

而六國賽第二輪的地一場比賽也在蘇格蘭 13:22 愛爾蘭之下落幕。

比賽最佳球員 則是由 Peter O’Mahoy 靠著九次的攔截以及13次的進攻讓他奪得這次的殊榮;而愛爾蘭隊的隊長 Rory Best 在訪問時也說到 「這是一場非常辛苦的比賽,但我們相信著我們的信念,並且透過實際的努力贏得比賽,這或許不是一場很有娛樂性的比賽,但是我們兩隊都比得非常認真,所以贏了這場比賽我非常感到驕傲。」

The Six Nations entered the second round. The first game was played by Scotland and Ireland. In Edinburgh's stadium, Scotland scored first by home advantage, but after Ireland's Conor Murray caught the opportunity to Try, the whole game, the situation in the game immediately turn to Ireland.

But after several fierce offences and defences, Scotland relied on Sam Johnson's Try to pull back the remaining two points by their superior skill and speed.

In the second half, Scotland and Ireland seem to have the determination to win. Although the strength of the collision is getting bigger and bigger, Ireland seems has the upper hand. After all, the advantage of the body is that Ireland has more trump cards. Relying on Keith Earls and Joey Carbery’s Try and conversion , Ireland has pulled the gap nearly to ten points.

In the end, the second round of the Six Nations has finished by Scotland 13 : 22 Ireland.

The Man of the Match is Peter O’Mahoy who made 13 carries and nine tackles; the captain of Ireland, Rory Best also said during the post-match interview ‘We have a lot of belief, that was a really tough game. But we asked for a physical reaction and by and large we got that. Maybe it was not the most especially attractive game but it was two teams who went hard and we are very grateful to win.’


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