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  • Dylan Tang

2019 六國賽:英格蘭玫瑰險勝幸運草/ Six Nations, Red Roses have better luck than Shamrocks



在下半場中,英格蘭終於在比賽65分時拉開了距離;在這一場兩隊擁有旗鼓相當實力的比賽中,要拉開比分可以說是非常的不容易。Owen Farell 在70分時將比數因為罰球罰近,因此終於將與愛爾蘭的差距拉到十分以上,而此時也是這朵紅色玫瑰敲響這場比賽勝利鐘聲的第一響。

在愛爾蘭的主場都柏林,大概誰都沒想到2019年的第一戰會輸給英格蘭超過十分以上吧……?儘管比賽總是有輸有贏,不過這朵幸運草和那株紅色玫瑰的確帶給了2019 六國賽第一輪最驚險的一場比賽,而比數也在愛爾蘭 20:32 英格蘭下畫下尾聲。

In the first round of the Six Nations, the two regular winners, Ireland and England have already had direct face-to-face contact. Perhaps this is a good news for fans of other nations. After all, no matter who wins or loses, the other team’s points will be distanced. On the other hand, for fans who just like to watch rugby, this tough battle is the most worthwhile game in the first round.

The first half, both teams were full of strength to fight for the score, and then attack each other and defend, because basically these two giants have the equal strength, so the score is not as disparate as the Scottish match against Italy.

The second half, England finally wide the gap at 65 minutes in the game. in this game where the two teams have considerable strength, it is very difficult to make it easier. However, Owen Farell scored a penalty for the penalty in 70 minutes, so he finally turned the gap with Ireland to a very different level. At this time, this red rose has ring bell of the victory of this game.

In Dublin, Ireland's home game, probably no one expected that the first battle in 2019 Six Nations would lose more than ten to England. Although the game always has wins and losses, this shamrock and the red rose did bring the most exciting game in the first round of the 2019 Six Nations, and the result were Ireland 20:32 England.


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